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Andre's E30 325iS

Posted on: 14 January 2016
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 bmw 325is


The little beemer that is so loved by millions around the country…The legendary E30 325is.


bmw 325is



So much is said about it, so many people want it. Some lucky individuals own it, but do not want to part with it.


And then recently we came across a rare case of someone advertising one for sale with a non-negotiable price of 1.2 million ZARands.


But the madness doesn’t end there.


A good few months ago, I put a question to our facebook fans, (actually there were 2 instances – once with a 325is and an E82 1M next to it, and then again with a 325iS and a Murcielago Lamborghini).

I asked, “Which of the two would you choose?”, and majority - in both cases - ruled for the E30 325is.  


This EVO1 version of the ‘South African E30 M3’ cost around R105,000 when it launched at the start of 1990s. The EVO2 which was up on power and a few extra bits launched for around R120,000 between 1991/1992.


The E30 M3 was sold in other parts of the world but not in South Africa because it wasn’t available in right hand drive. There are noticeable differences between the E30 M3 and the 325iS. Although some parts were shared between the two cars like the chassis and suspension, the differences make each car unique in their own special way.


As is with the E30 M3 across the world, the E30 325is is a darling of a car to touring car drivers. They were raced in a series across South Africa and enjoyed major success thanks to its balanced handling and smooth power delivery from the straight-six motors.


The 325is was applauded by the public who were allowed to buy these cars that were originally produced for Group N racing.


The E30 325is is now being sought after by collectors who are willing to pay at least double the launch price for a clean factory standard example.


They are also properly respected by the youth, whom are actually younger than the vehicle itself.


Only 508 of the 325iS was ever produced, and this includes EVO1 and EVO2 specs.



The very clean example you see here belongs to Andre Jack from KZN.


He owns this EVO1 for 7 years and has an odometer reading of only 70000kms.


bmw 325is


Everything besides the radio is as it was from the factory. The Ubekaro cloth sports seats are as pleasing to look at as it is to sit in them.


bmw 325is




This next bit was written by Deon Govender - as published in the Tribune Herald newspaper  telling us a bit of history on Andre and his passion for BMW.



“Andre Jack, director of Digital Print Express in uMhlanga, has been in the printing business with his father for 16 years and is passionate about his work.

His passion for print is matched only by his passion for BMWs. He has owned about 30 BMWs and regards them as part of his family.


He loves buying classic BMWs, modifying them and in some cases passing them on to fellow enthusiasts.


In some BMW fan circles he is considered the ‘doctor’ of BMWs: you go him, get checked, get blinged and then you are off.


Jack has owned a few iconinc BMWs from the E30 range, including a BMW 333i which was the car to have in 1986, with a 3.3 litre straight six engine modified to push out 220kw with no turbo or nitrous.

He also owned a number of coupes and four-door manual executives of the E30 range.


He now has one of the most loved BMWs’, a 325Is box-shape 1190 Evo1.

‘I still have the original receipt from Vereeniging BMW with the price at R79000.00 and the watch that  came with it’ he quips.

He got the car from a 65-year old man in Cape Town; so, when he bought it, he was confident the car had not been abused.

The car is in pristine condition with no modifications and Andre intends to keep that spirit.


He hardly drives the car, keeping it locked away and treat it like a baby.


‘ I changed two batteries in one year because the car was parked too long. I polish the car once a month and, trust me it looks better than some cars you’d find in a showroom. The interior even smells like a new car’s’

Jack says he was offered R200,000.00 for the car , but has no intention of selling. ‘Its’ family now’ he says.


Heads turn whenever he drives the car – and not many old cars command such attention on the road.


Its no surprise that Andre will never part with his beloved 325Is. If you grew up loving this car, you would understand. And if you are hunting for one. You must envy Jack.


‘When you have a dream about driving and owning a specific car, if you search hard enough, you will get it,’ he says .


Andre's 325is EVO1 is certainly one of the neatest and cleanest i have come across in a long time.


I always appreciate it when someone leaves a classic car as standard as it should be. No unnecessary mag wheels put on, no dropping of suspension and especially - no changing of the indicator lights from orange to a cheap white lens. Its the little things that count.

This shows a true enthusiast deserving of one of these beauties.


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is


bmw 325is

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