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Posted on: 3 June 2013
Credit: sabeemer

Seeking individuals who love the BMW brand very much is not a very difficult task. So when we provided the platform for these guys and girls to share their passion - images and tales were then swopped with smiles and nostalgia.

The basis for an understanding of feelings is when you can relate to an experience. As I have mentioned before – True passion can never be understood, only expressed.


Our Feature Fan, expressing his passion here is Naeem Rasool,35, from Johannesburg who has gone through about 60 BMWs so far. Yip ,Sixty. He kindly gathered all the pics of most of the cars he had, and put it on a disc for us to show.


We ask him about his favorite BMW, and a brief history of his cars:


“My passion has not only been the design and sporty look of the E30 BMW, which is my favourite and, to me, the ulitimate BMW ever manufactured, but also the handling and performance aspects which result in Sheer Driving Pleasure in the true sense.

My love for this german machine started in 1999, and grew ever since. To date I have owned approximately more than 50 E30s ranging from years 1986 – 1992 :

325i, 325is EVO1 & EV02, 325I 2 Door, 320i 2 Door, E30 318i Pillarless, 325i Evolution, E30 325i Touring.

I have owned almost every model of the E30s produced, except for the E30 M3 which I am currently in the process of getting my hands on.

I’’ve also had a few E36’s in the form of M3s both South Africa and  German Specs’, as well as E46 models, the M3, the Ci, and an E92 Ci,

As long as the badge says BMW, it has always brought luv into my eyes.


I’ve always taken my cars to the next level in terms of styling and performance mods.

Mag Wheels from sizes 17” to 19 inches were sourced and fitted.

The preferred choice of performance exhaust is TNT obviously, because there isn’t a better tone in my opinion.

Additions for extra power were courtesy of M535i Airflow meter in the E30s and upgrades via chipset.

Interior was always garnished with Rockford Fosgate Audio bits and 80% of the cars I owned, seats were covered in Oxblood Red Leather for added individuality.


I was never one for spinning or doing donuts with my cars, and the only car that I put a bit of racing stress on was my 87 E30 fitted with a 328 multi-valve turbo motor, and that was one freakin awesome car, yeah!

Thanks Guys, Smile"

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