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Beemer Starz

Posted on: 15 February 2013
Credit: SABeemer, Casavan Casey Malgas, Photos: SABeemer,

30 Years have passed since the release of the E30 3series by BMW, and it has now admittedly become a growing phenomenon.


Old knackered ones are being bought for spare parts, Drivable but no so pretty ones are being used to throw around a Race Track or a Spin/Drift course. Good examples are being bought by a generation looking for their first car, giving them the opportunity to individualize, customize, and enjoy pure driving fun, & super clean examples are being scooped up by enthusiasts and collectors. 


At any car event, it becomes difficult to select the Best E30 on the day. Each E30 owner wants to show-off their creativity. They want others to appreciate their efforts, and deservedly so.


A factory standard sparkling clean example will fetch as much attention as a fully modified and boosted top of the range one.


The attention that these cars attract is really extraordinary.


Here we have two of them that are done up so superbly, it drew compliments from everyone that laid their eyes on it. Including an older lady carrying out bread and milk from the store we were parked at.


It kinda gives an idea as to what I am talking about regarding E30s. Simply look at the pics


It belongs to some young gents who are starting up their own ‘BMW’ club.


I give you over to Cas who is one of the founder members and spokesperson for the freshly formed Beemer Starz Club. He speaks a bit on their aim and future plans for this club.

From SABeemer here’s to all of the best to Beemer Starz in pursuit of celebrating, and committing to, their love for BMW.


"Basis of the club:

We currently on facebook, we started the page a few weeks ago.


On our page will be events that we’ll be hosting, and events being held by other groups that we will be attending and so forth.


We are based in Kraaifontein in the Western Cape, but we are not area specific, we are very open, and would like to attract all BMW enthusiasts from all over Cape Town


To join the club:-

Is it for any BMW? No, we’ve decided that its open to any BMW, but it has to be neat.


Our club focus is diverse. We would like to rewrite the car club scene, specially focusing on BMW enthusiasts, to get them together and share the passion of this great German car, to build a culture around BMW’s.

We will also focus on charity work a lot, we would like to make a difference in the community, not only in our own, but other communities’ as well, and give our support to other car clubs in that regard.

Our goal is to enjoy and share our passion, to start making a difference, to grow the BMW car club brand to become a more powerful force.

We aim to grow the culture and get more people involved; our aim is to enjoy the BMW brand.


We started in a very simple way, we were 3 friends and decided to all get E30 325i BMW’s (convertible) and just hang out, go to car show’s and just show off a bit, then we decided to get golf shirts, print our names with a BMW badge, eventually someone introduced us to Reiny from BM Squad, we had a chat, and after seeing the passion these guys have, we decided that this is the way to go. Not long after that our club was established, with a lot of advice from BM Squad and the guys from Raceism, we had things up and running, but without a name, it was a bit pointless, the name came about rather interesting, someone came up with the idea after a photo shoot, it made sense as those beemers were shining that night."


Only these 2 cars of the founder members were ready at the time of shoot, but there will be a showing of the other cars too once their prep is done. Looking forward to rest………

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