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BM Squad Hookup 10 Feb 2013

Posted on: 1 January 1970

I was invited to a BM Squad hookup last Sunday. It would be at their usual parking space in Queens Beach along the coastal suburb of Sea Point.


I have been to many of their previous meetings and hookups before but this one seemed anticipated by all. I’m not sure if it was the expectancy of many new faces, or if it was the first official day meeting of 2013 for the Squad, a year which is planned to be an exciting and vibrant year in the BM Squad community.


On arrival I was happily greeted and welcomed by founding member Reiny, and as usual we were waiting on the arrival of the other founder, Reinys’ brother Clive. But Clive is always forgiven because we have come to learn that he enjoys making a grand entrance to any event. We still love him to bits though.


There were quite a number of Beemers already parked off, and members were very joyful and sociable.


I got into a delightful conversation with Shahiem Bell of TPDZ Photography, and Chad Boyracer who I just met at the hookup. At gatherings like these, you really realize how large this world is and how many people can replicate your passion and thoughts. This world is certainly big enough for us all to co-exist and express our individuality and ideas.


As usual with every BM Squad meeting, a gathering is called when everyone eventually becomes present, and Reiny addresses the crowd with plans and updates for the Club until the next meeting.


Thereafter we requested that each member with their car pull out of their parking and line up for a ‘Profile’ photo which turned out to be great fun.


Reiny even pulled in some random Sea Point visitors to join in the shoot. They were driving beemers of course (2 x E82’s white)

Thank God, Shahiem and Jade were there to capture pics as well, because I know I missed a few. 

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