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A collection of BMW cars
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The Collection Series 2 - Part 3

  In the last episode we showcased Faisel’s prime example of a 2002. Before that we kicked of his collection series with his 3 325iS’s and all in immaculate condition too.   To most of the Beemer…

The Collection Series 2, Episode1

    THE SOUTH AFRICAN FAVOURITE - "GUSHESHE"   Gusheshe is a term South Africans use to label the iconic…

Collection Series S1 E3

The E9x range of M3, when launched was a bit of a worry, not worry actually but more like a concerned anticipation for the true BMW/M3 fan all over. Let’s face it, it was to succeed a truly epic car.…

Collection Series S1 E2

Every aspect of life has an era, and every era has its wave of period, and every period is host to either something’s peak or its failure.  

Collection Series S1 E1

This is the first feature in our ‘Collection Series’. A one owner collection of BMW vehicles and bikes.     A BMW car collection is a…

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