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22 April 2012 Killarney Race Circuit

Posted on: 5 December 2013


BMW festival 2012



MotoX gates open 10am for public to enter.  (BMW Drivers enter for free, extra passengers   pay cover fee of R20.00, children under 12 enter free. Non-BMW Drivers are charged the same cover fee.)

Non BMW Vehicles turn immediately right after entrance gate to the parking field and park vehicles on gravel field.

BMW Drivers carry on the tar road to the registration personnel. Drivers will then fill in the registry for database and future notifications etc. After registration, drivers will be asked if they want to partake in the drifting session with their vehicles. Patrons who want to partake a given a label and instruction sheet with details on time and procedure.

                All BMW Vehicles will be guided to their respective allocated parking spaces.

                Track session participants will be forwarded to the pit entrance and registration desk.


Car Clubs who have RSVP’d their participation will be guided to their allocated spaces.

Car clubs are to have banners/gazebos/tables, and 2 or 3 cars on display at their spaces.

The idea is to get the general public to join the clubs.


We plan to have all cars of the same category parking next to one another eg, E30s, E36s, 5series, 7series, X-models, Z-models etc etc.


***** please note that Killarney will have their regular Open Track Day taking place from the old pits, with cars out on the track till 1pm. *********



All BMW/Mini/Bikes present will be invited to join on the racetrack to form the Parade Lap.

                There is a maximum speed limit restriction of 40km/h on this Parade Lap


NB ** Zero Tolerance will be allowed for reckless driving/speeding, and wheel spinning on the parade lap. All vehicles will be monitored by 5 Marshals around the circuit and guilty culprits will be immediately pulled off and asked to leave the event. (Last year, reckless behaviour caused two accidents which were very unpleasing for everyone involved)


Vehicles to form the parade lap will be called out to the track by yearly model starting from pre 80s, then eventually till the current/latest models.

When the parade lap has ended, cars are to be parked in the spaces that they were in before being called, and drifters/spinners will move straight to the oval where he/she will wait for his turn to do some burnouts, drifting or spinning.



Track session for BMW cars & bikes only will start and run through to 6PM. R200 per driver, R50 per passenger. Registration in the new pits facility from 11:30am till 1:30pm. Track sessions are 15minutes long. SABS approved crash helmets, long pants/shirt etc. Convertibles need closed face helmet.  We will have a drivers briefing before allowing anyone out onto the circuit, this will cover general rules and driving conduct. There are various groups catering for first time tpo pro drivers. This is not a Race Day – No reckless driving will be tolerated.



2nd Drifting session at the oval

Track sessions continues thereafter till 6pm



Certificates and spot prizes will be handed to winners of different classes, eg

-          Best Classic

-          Bes t ///M

-          Cleanest factory spec/standard

-          Best Car Club Display

-          Best Track Machine

-          Best Drifter  

-          Miss BMW Day  


For the kids, Jumping Castles and face painting will be available. 

Food stalls will be available throughout the day 

A sit down coffee bar will be available upstairs the new pits section 

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