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BMWfanatics Charity Drive

Posted on: 15 July 2013
Credit: BMWfanatics member Heven

3 Cities - 1 Common Cause

Last month the BMWfanatics guys from the three major cities had Charity Runs.


Member Heven from the Durban crew reported back to us with happenings of the day


The meeting point was for 9am at Petroport and the guys pitched in drips and drabs

The usual social conversations and mucking about with teasings and laughings at one another were enjoyed. Forum member ‘sideways’ was the highlight of their teasing as his waster bottle cap was toast.


While waiting for the rest of the guys to round up, others were having coffee at the Petrol Station Convenience Store


At around 11:30, a small drivers briefing was had and the crew were then ready to hit the road

The trip to the place was lead by forum member kish. 

They arrived just after 12:30pm.


Heven adds “Upon entering there was much excitement from the people on the streets. They even came out of their homes to see what was happening. 

As we entered the gates they was cheers and screams for us.

We parked the cars and entered the hall were the kids were performing items on stage. 

We watched a few. It was in zulu so I couldn't understand. 

Then there was a 10 min interval where the kids cane outside to check out all the cars and interact with us. 

They all loved the 330ci. The owner kugs330 dropped the roof and even opened the sound for them. They went wild. 

After interval the hampers were given out and a few kind words were exchanged. 

Thanks to all who sponsored and for this who attended. 

After that was lunched at Nandos Balito where there the mocking and joke making continued.”


Seems like a real fun and satisfying day was had by all that were involved. Well done guys.


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