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Collection Series S1 E1

Posted on: 22 November 2012
Credit: SABeemer, Photos SABeemer, Farzana Chaumoo

This is the first feature in our ‘Collection Series’. A one owner collection of BMW vehicles and bikes.


bmw collection


A BMW car collection is a great privilege and becoming more common by the day. The biggest problem facing a BMW-lover with this privilege is the choice of which model to sacrifice.

Sure we would all love to have our own BMW museum collection with every model housed in our backyards. Most of us wouldn’t even mind if this museum building were much bigger than our actual living spaces, with a little race circuit behind that as a back garden. But ja, something’s gotta give.


So here we begin our ‘Collection Series’ starting with Season 1 Episode 1, and Muhammeds’ 5 cars.


Four of his cars pay homage to the 3series range, consisting of line-up models E30, E36, E46, E93, all from the top of their specific ranges, and I am talking about the M side.

Although we all know the 325iS was not labeled an M car, I suppose we could slot it in as one because we know its capabilities are just as good as that of its overseas counterpart, the E30 M3.


The 5th vehicle is one that takes Sheer Driving Pleasure literally to a higher level, very comfortably too, it’s an E70 X5.


bmw collection


While 5 is quite a decent amount of cars to have, it’s the choice of models, executed with the extra bit of ‘spice’ or ‘skok’ (as Hilda would say), that creates the huge impact.


Each of these 5cars is not quite stock standard and we will uncover the intoxicating list of details done to them individually.


S1 E1 - THE E30


bmw collection



bmw collection e30 325is



 bmw collection


bmw collection 325is


A BMW collection of cars, is not really complete without an E30,

This notion doesn’t only refer to us in South Africa, but to the worldwide BMW fraternity as well. Being South African, however, we can relate to the impact that the E30 had in this country, and by noticing magazines and websites from abroad, we can gather that this notion is shared with the rest of the world.

No wonder then, that one will always find a feature of an E30 popping up all the time.

The popularity of this was shown by a pic of this particular car raking in one of the highest likes on our little facebook page 


bmw collection 325is


This E30 325iS is a 1991 Evo1 Model. It has been given a fair amount of intimate changes and mods.


bmw collection


The impressive list of mods to the engine: 



Warlbro turbo in tank pump

Warlbro turbo in line pump

upgraded fuel line

upgraded fuel filter and hoses

Upgraded fuel rail

550cc Bosch injectors



T61 Ball Bearing

Alpine Manifold modified to fit external wastegate



Custom built 325iS Arias low comp pistons



Snow performance water methanol injection






76mm single box TNT


bmw collection


bmw collection 325is turbo


Engine work was done by Mohammed Aasif Laher and Mohammed Mamajee.


Power figures were not available as yet, but as soon as we receive some indication we will post it up.


bmw collection


Wheels are exquisite 18inch 3pc “Dimple Dish” Equips made by WORK.

Tyre sizes are front 215/35 and 225/35 at the rear. 


bmw collection


bmw collection


Interior door panels and seats are covered in a healthy hide of Coral Red leather.

It still has that delicate smell of fresh leather inside. 


bmw collection



Autometer Boost

Autogauge air/fuel ratio

bmw collection



Muhammed was once offered a sum of in excess of R280,000 for the car as it stands here, but he refuses to sell. 


bmw collection


bmw collection e30 325is turbo

bmw collection 325is turbo


 bmw collection 325is turbo


It sure is an impressive car both to look at and drive.


bmw collection e30 325is



for more info on the standard version of the 325iS visit 











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