Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans


Posted on: 14 September 2018

 There are certain BMW models that some countries did not get.


bmw m5 estate   

So when collectors are able to bring rare BMW cars into the country, the opportunity makes them feel like a 9year old bursting with excitement as if they have just got the latest gadget gift for being a good kid.


Here we have another example of a BMW that never came to South Africa.  

BMW E34 M5   

An E34 M5 Touring (or Estate / StationWagon) that has just been brought into SA by an excited collector. 


While we did get the normal sedan version of the E34 M5 (which was actually built at the BMW Rosslyn plant),  the Touring/Estate was never destined for our people.


More facts on the E34 Touring can be found in this link...

In 1992, a five-door Touring version (estate/wagon) was introduced in LHD form, with 891 cars made. The E34 M5 Touring was BMW M Division's first wagon, as well as the last hand built M car made.

Class: Executive car (E)

Manufacturer: BMW M GmbH


This particular one is a 1995 Left hand drive version brought into South Africa under a special permit – Museum Status – and therefore cannot be registered but will be used for displays and functions.  

 BMW M5  

 The colour is Daytona Violet - a BMW Individual colour inspired by the famous race and race track in Daytona, Florida.  

This colour is a favourable tone with us South Africans as we have appreciated and loved this colour on the E36 M3 especially.  

BMW M5   

This car is a Full House Spec with the Nurenberg handling pack as well as twin sunroof, Hi-fi, and seats finished off in black Nappa leather. 

It also sports the 18" M Parallel System wheels which - on its own-  is also a rare OEM product in SA. 


Now the series2 E34 M5s came with the 3.8litre straight six S38B38 motors. In South Africa the E34 M5s sold here were offered with the 3.6litre S38B36 motors only.

This Touring has the 3.8litre motor and we ask the owner of the vehicle – who by the way also has an immaculate example of the sedan E34 M5 as well – about the difference between the touring and sedan cars . His reply“Amazingly enough, it is totally different in behaviour to the 3.6litre sedan.In terms of performance and handling wise”


One would think that the Touring being a slightly bigger and therefore heavier car than the sedan, the dynamics would be affected but this just shows the level of engineering at BMW M. Nothing comes in the way of perfecting a cars’ balance to maintain the character of a pure driving machine.  


The E34 M5 will always be a special car. It was miles ahead of competitors in it’s’ class, and the Touring just notches up another level.  




Here is a previous article of a sedan version of the E34 M5 that we did a few years ago 


 Thanks to @littlejohnwhittle for the above pics 

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