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Posted on: 5 June 2016

With the increase in value of the most popular E30, as well as a case of clean untouched E30 models around South Africa becoming more difficult to find, many young first-time buyers into the BMW brand are now opting for the E36 model - the 3rd generation of BMW's most succesful range of motor vehicles, the 3-series.


Compared to the E30 though, the E36 offers much more in a car. It is bigger than the E30, it is safer than the E30, more economical, more reliable, more comfortable and cheaper to repair. The drive is softer and the handling is much better too.


It was a big step up from the E30 and I like to think of the E36 as a modern blueprint for BMWs that have come after.


If ever you get the chance of test driving a good, well looked-after standard version of an E36, especially the 6cylinder models, be sure to sample it, as you’d get a good sense of BMWs build quality and refinement meant for its drivers from a car over 20 years old.


Now with young BMW lovers opting for the E36 as a beginning to their chosen ‘Beemer Lifestyle’ – We see an influx of E36 groups coming to life as a result. This was very popular amongst E30 owners a few years ago, I should know – I was part of the madness, but it was all good for a number of reasons.


Crews or Clubs are formed to cater for a group of simple individuals who want to share their passion with people who have the same particular interest. 

It usually starts off with a few friends getting the same or similar rides, then spending weekends or off-days pampering and repairing their cars and looking forward to convoy drives and social hook-ups. The crew usually grows as other individuals meet and join in for the sake of passion and good social events. It is also a good networking tool as usually car problems can get diagnosed and good advice be given to help sort out a fellow crew members ride at such meetings


One such crew that have been making good progress in this simple but effective way of enjoying one's passion is the E36Crew from Gauteng.


bmw e36


Macdonald Setipe Mofokeng gives us a briefing on the club.

The Brand

Socially established 14 June 2014, E36 Crew GP hosted its first breakfast meeting after a desire to engage with middle aged BMW car fanatics and to provide a relaxed social networking platform which will enable them and members of the public to embrace the car brand and look forward to car related social gatherings.


E36 Crew GP is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (160-589 NPO)


The members conceptualized a heart-warming idea of adding non-profit organization formalities, charity initiatives and community building projects into the E36 Crew GP social club to ensure a meaningful purpose to members. This has enabled members a platform for them to open their hearts and hands to the needy, be a care-giver to the young, motion assister to the sickly, warmth provider to the cold, most of all be a smile provider to the saddened.


The Values

Compassion, Integrity, Caring and Commitment.


It’s the love for the motor brand, the fulfilment of doing goodwill, the desire to bring change to the world, the ideas and assistance members bring to each other during networking sessions that drives the organization to acquire the highest standards when indulging in social charity events


I got the BMW and started hooking up with like-minded guys for us to start a club.


In our crew we have over 20 fully dedicated members, we have a board committee which consist of Sakhile “MaBM”  / Stanley “Gaz”  / Goldi “Gee / Guru  / Me “Mac”


We operate mainly in the Johannesburg / Soweto / Pretoria


Our goals as a club is to ensure we extend a helping hand as often and as much as an NPO, to acquire prestigious accolades in crew and motor competition ( motor related events ) but mostly to build a reputable and versatile brand  


Our achievements so far :

- Hosted The First ever “Girls With Purpose” Motivational Seminar for about 200 school girls in Alexandra with Ayanda Allie Paine ( Power FM )
- 2nd Best Crew Award @ SABeemer Day 2016
- Hosted The First ever Bi-Cars cleaning campaign in Kliptown ( ABi, Soweto Hotel, Builders Warehouse, Alex FM and Eldos FM )"


bmw e36 crew




bmw e36



bmw e36



bmw e36



 bmw e36



We speak to Mac about his own obsession with the BMW brand.


-  Is this your first BMW?


My uncles owned an E21 and E28 when I was young, My oldest brother Gerald owned an E90, and I just had to own one myself.

To me BMW represents elegance, quality, comfort, style and class – I love my car for its muscle and reliability

With regards to changes I just added 17inch spider type rims, upgraded the sound system Sub & Amp, and everything else is factory fitted. Kept it original and in mint condition

I’ve had it for 6 years now and I do not plan on selling it at all. For my next BMW I would add an E30 EVOLUTION and/or an E46 M3"


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