Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans

East London 'Boxies

Posted on: 7 January 2013
Credit: SABeemer - Photos Seth Ponnusamy

East London, a coastal city on the eastern side of South Africa which is considerably small compared to the other South African major cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, etc etc. 


More info and stats about East London here


I’ve been there once for an overnight stay, and I must say, after a very long drive from Cape Town, I was pleasantly surprised.  I think it is totally underrated. I sort of envy the residents of East London because of the warm sea, and the fresh air –which is kinda like a mix between Durban’s warm moist air, and the refreshing breeze of the Cape’s wind. and also the not so huge population which allows the residents of this city to enjoy the beaches and places of interests in peak summer. (Those that have spent peak summer holidays in Cape Town know what I am on about with national and international foreigners basically filling up our whole Cape District coastline. (we love and welcome them anyway anytime Smile)


So its really really overwhelming when you see guys in that metropolis that share the same passion for the same cars as you, and bring out a bunch that can take on the packs in the other major cities.


The particular model of car we are concentrating on is the E30, yep, in SA we just cannot get enough of them.


Special mention goes to Sameshan ‘MPower’ Govender who arranged this shoot and rounded up all the cars.


Nice going, keep it up our fellow Eastern Cape South Africans




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