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G30 540i

Posted on: 8 July 2017

bmw 540i


When BMW released the first 5-series (E12) back in the 70s, it was a mid-range sedan that began where the Neue Klasse range of BMWs (ie 2500 E3, 1502,1600,2000 E6/E12, CS Coupes E9 etc) left off.


The Neue Klasse BMW vehicles were an impressive series of attractive and quality built cars so the initial 5-series had inherited class leading DNA from the engineers at BMW making it an instant hit with the general public. The E12 5-series was built with safety, comfort and performance in mind. BMW focused on what the public had wanted in a car.


The E12 5-series sparked the new era of BMW cars that has been with us for decades now. It was produced before the ever popular 3-series, before the 6-series as well as before the flagship 7-series models which made up the unbeatable range of BMW motor cars during the 70s and 80s.


Now in its 7th generation, the 5-series has evolved into a mode of transport which makes the E12 look like it was built thousands of years ago. It is literally crammed with technology. There is absolutely nothing wrong with technology, as long as it complements the originality of the automobile rather than interfere with it.


I was given the opportunity to drive the brand new G30 5-Series by Donford BMW Helderberg which is situated alongside the N2 freeway in the Strand/Somerset West area of the Wester................... error !!

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