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Posted on: 18 June 2016

george charity


SABeemer would like to arrange a charity drive for Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre in the George area.


The proposed date for this drive is Saturday July 16th 2016.


We would like to join other car clubs in the George vicinity to fulfil the need of some items for the Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre.


The Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre is a registered NPO :

  • Registered for 45 children/youths in Residential Care.
  • Registered as a Place of Safety for emergency placements.
  • Children placed in care of Child-and Youth Care Centre by legal Court order.
  • Children aged 2-18 years are included.
  • 1 Dormitory-like House and 2 Additional Family Houses for accommodation.
  • 3rd Family House almost complete and ready for occupation.
  • All Basic Needs provided for whilst in our care.
  • Care is free of charge.


The following items were requested by the Care Centre :


  • 38 x Winter and/or Summer Sheets (Fitted for beds in the Family Homes- Single beds)
  • 38 x Rain Jackets for the children to wear during winter (Sizes 3yrs-medium)
  • 2 x Hairdryers
  • 2 x Hair Clippers (machine)
  • 2 x Airbrushes
  • 2 x Straightening Irons
  • 4 x Blow dry brushes (For the children to use in grooming activities)


We ask that sponsorship by yourselves be in the manner of supply of the above goods mentioned or cash donation to purchase the said items needed by the Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre.



Special thanks to Celeste and Lesley for offering some of the items. GOD Bless


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