Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans


Posted on: 18 November 2020
It's been a month since our BMW run in the Western Cape.
The Cape Tunnel run is always an epic 120km drive with beautiful scenery and gorgeous roads to really open up and stretch our Beemers' legs along with fellow enthusiasts & family.
We now have the opportunity to do a similar run in the KwaZulu Natal province.
As part of our heritage theme we will be driving from Durban to Howick which is a distance of about 103km.
I personally have never visited the town of Howick before , so am really looking forward to visiting a new dorpie in our lovely country. 
The plan is to meet at SUPERTECH BMW Durban South dealership at 9am where coffee and muffins will be served.
We will then leave the Edwin Swales showroom at around 10am and drive on the N3 freeway thorugh to Howick.
The final destination is a proper Heritage site. It's a site that played stage to the capture of one of our ex-presidents Nelson Mandela, by the South African government in the year 1962, before spending his next 27 years in prison .. More info on the site can be found here
We hope it to be a fun day out with friends family and people who appreciate a good drive out with cars that are engineered for just that sort of thing....the joy of driving.
And we have a wonderful country to explore.
As we feel very fortunate and thankful that we are still able to enjoy this type of feature in these 'crazy' times. Please remember to wear your masks and sanitize regularly and please please drive safe. It is not a race, it is a journey of fun so be safe and be responsible.

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