Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans


Posted on: 14 September 2014
Date: 21 SEPT 2014




With the buzz still hot about the recent #capetunnelrun , some KZN enthusiasts were amped to get the same thing going on their side of our country.

Since it follows the same concept of inviting everyone with a BMW to join in on a Sunday of fun to meet up and drive together on Durbans highway, we were cool to support it. No racing, no breaking the law, Just a nice drive in the Beemer.


Their message:

"This is our first SABEEMER BREAKFAST RUN done in KZN.

We have had many successful runs throughout the country. Featuring the best and cleanest cars around from the oldest to the newest.


If you have any BMW and would like to participate,  join us!


Show casing cars from all over  KZN! Meet some BMW fans who has the same car as yours!


Date: 21st September 2014

Time: 8.30am at Petroport Nandi Drive North Bound.



From Nandi drive north bound on N2 to sibaya , then towards Balito and back into Durban Blue lagoon.








No cost!!

Lets just see what DURBAN CAN DO!!



Meteish:  0837040417, 7E172723.


Shameel: 0728938786, 284A949D


Shiraz:    0713341152

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