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Left-Handed Bandit by eurohoodride

Posted on: 23 July 2012
Credit: Mahesh Kalain


left handed e30 2


There really is something about a BMW E30 that I absolutely love... I think the sound is amazing... These old 6 cylinder engines give off this roar with a smattering of scream around higher revs. His car has a bit of head work with a full TNT stainless steel exhaust system. The car rides on a set of H&R lowering springs, and bolted onto the hubs are a set of genuine German made BBS RS264’s. These wheels are the ultimate cult wheels without a doubt. Any wheel enthusiast will know what a proper set of original RS’s are about... They are the real deal. Upfront, the car has an Alpina lip, and a rather aggressive diffuser that bolts to the bottom of the Alpina lip, totally changing the appearance of the front end. This Touring’s interior is spotless. The steering wheel has a leather cover over it, to preserve the original wheel, the sporty cotton-clad Recaro racing seats are just so perfect, and how cool is that manual wind-up sunroof?



This car is simple. It isn't lowered to the point where it is not drivable. It sits perfect over those shiny BBS hoops, and Fayaz isn’t shy to let this wagon rip... And she rips alright! 


left-handed e30 3


left handed e30 4


left handed e30 5


 Original German made BBS RS264’s... The ultimate cult wheel in any respect.

That wind-up sunroof lever is just so cool.


left handed e30 6


left handed e30 7


left handed e30 8


left handed e30 9

 left handed e30 10


left handed e30 11


left handed e30 12


left handed e30 12


left handed e30 13


left handed e30 14


left handed e30 15

  Alpina lip and lip diffuser are both subtle, and aggressive.


left handed e30 16


left handed e30 interior 1


Minty interior. The leather steering is protected with that leather cover.


left handed e30 interior 2


left handed e30 interior 3


 BBS hardware. Cotton-clad early Recaro sports seats. All original windows


left handed e30 tailpipes


 The typical twin exit, slanted exhaust set up fits perfect on this car.


left handed e30


 On full swing, while taking off, she sounds glorious with all 6 cylinders working hard.


left handed e30


 Nothing shines like genuine BBS hardware. Look at those lips...


left handed e30

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