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Posted on: 8 October 2013
Credit: Mohammed Lambart

Small World For True BMW Enthusiast

As all boys grow up, an interest in cars is normal & natural - as opposed to him playing with dolls and tea sets. And as he grows older, from toddler to kid to teenager to adult, he is always interested in cars. But eventually he “grows up” and a car becomes just a car. Cars don’t interest him that much.

And then…there’s me! I am a petrol head, I love cars, real road cars, die-cast model cars, automobile memorabilia and everything about cars. To me a car is more than just a means of transport. It is a friend, becomes part of the family. But there is only one marque that is more than an interest. It’s a passion, at times it’s more of an obsession…




Ever since I can remember I have always loved a BMW. As a child I dreamt of owning a BMW (E30 325i in particular). I wanted to work for BMW. Everything was BMW. My dad drove quite a few BMWs so that’s probably where it started from. As most people we grew up economically, so no model cars like other people had. I remember ogling at the shelves in toy stores saying to myself “one day…I will also have my own collection” I cleaned peoples model cars, never giving up on having my own.


Today, I am a specialist collector of mainly 1:18 & 1:43 scale cars but I do have a few odd sizes which are exclusive to certain model . Best part of my collection? Its’ BMW only!


I have more than 65 pieces, collected over the last 12 years. I source my models locally & from all over the world. Rare pieces, limited editions, all series, classic & current. It’s taken a lot of patience & compromise to get my collection to this stage. Money too but when the heart wants something money doesn’t matter. I have been through a lot of heartache too, I was burgled last year and lost a very unique collection. I have attached pics of that collection too.

Below is a list of what I currently have in my collection


1:43 SCALE

E30 Alpina B3

E30 BMW M3 (Fascination Lead Car)

E31 850i

E38 740i

E60 545i

E60 545i Touring

E52 Z8

E34 M5

E71 X6

E46 M3 Convertible

I8 Hybrid Concept


1800 Tisa

507 Convertible (1955-1959)

315 (1929)

503 Convertible (1955-1960)

503 Coupe (1955-1960)

501 (1951-1964)

327 Coupe (Initially Bristol 400 1948-1953)

E26 M1

E9 3.0 CSL Batmobile

E9 3.0S Sedan

E24 635 CSi



E36 325i Convertible (Made by SCHUCO)

E38 740i



2002 Ti



2002 Ti

507 Convertible

Isetta 700

327 (Original piece out of the BMW WELT MUNICH)

E82 125i Coupe x 2

E30 M3 STD

E30 M3 DTM Plain Edition

E30 M3 Convertible (2101/2500 Made Worldwide)

E30 325i Coupe (1375/2500 Made Worldwide)

E36 M3 Coupe x 2

E46 M3 Coupe x 2

E46 M3 Convertible x 2

E92 M3 Coupe

E90 330i Sedan

F30 335i Sedan

E24 635CSi

E63 M6 Convertible

E63 M6 Coupe

E63 645 I Coupe

E63 645Ci Convertible

E28 M535i

E34 535i

E60 M5 V10 x 2

F10 M5

E32 740i

E65 745i

F01 750 Li

E31 850i (The first car of the whole collection)

E53 X5

E71 X6M

E84 X1

E52 Z8

E36 M Coupe

R50 Mini Cooper ONE



E92 335i R/C Car



M1 Turbo Concept Car 1979 (The guy I bought it from said that this exact piece was used at a certain motor show in 1979 as a prototype model)

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