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SABeemer Tunnel Run 2020

Posted on: 22 October 2020

This past Sunday we had the 7th edition of our annual #SABeemerTunnelRun.


The year 2020 will be a year that generations will never forget. It has been a year of difficulties to many around the globe, so we are very fortunate and thankful that we could still enjoy what has become a highlight on our SABeemer calendar.


Although the event is based in Cape Town, we get fans from all over the country that come down especially for this run. They come to enjoy the scenery, the hospitality of the Cape Town people as well as the proper Beemers that come out to enjoy this epic drive with us. 


Once again this year was no different. We were graced with the appearance of Mr Chip Moosa and his crew who drove 4 older Beemers 1400+kms all the way from Joburg to Cape Town to do this run with us. They made the trip in a 325iS , 2 X E28s, and an E36 M3. 


We also had guys from Durban and Kimberley who caught a flight the saturday before the event to take the drive to Worcester with us. They then flew out the Sunday late afternoon with their Beemer appetites properfully fulfilled. 


The town of George also represented with the Anders family that drove down in their 3 Beemers. 


The day started out cool and easy with the meeting point set for 9am in the Cape Town CBD. 


I have always felt that since our 1st Tunnel Run which was in 2014 - every year has its own uniqueness, its own experience - at least for me personally.


Our first major change to that of previous runs was the meeting point location. For the last 6 years we always met up at the Engen Winelands N1 but due to some guys being inconsiderate and spionning and causing mayhem at the garage, we decided to move it to a quieter space which could accomodate the amount of cars without disturbing traffic and the Engens' regular patrons, as well as frustrated managers. 


This year also saw the inclusion of the Worcester BMW Dealership team headed by Shantel Otto,as well as the dealership owner, who drove from Worcester the sunday mornning to meet us at the starting point. They arrived in pure style with a brand new F90 M5c, an M850i, and a very luxurious X7 (which they allowed me to drive back to Worcester).  Their BMW onCall X3 was also a part of the convoy. 


There were many new faces and Beemers this year. 


One of my absolute favourite cars arrived unexpectadly which was a pleasant and comforting sight amongst the ///Madness.  A 1970s E9 which in my opinion,  is arguably one of the prettiest BMWs ever built. This car just made my day, as it not only came to stand at the meet in the morning, it also did the full 120km back and forth trip to Worcester with us. 


The morning turned out to be absolutely insane with crews from all over Cape Town starting to arrive and fill up the parking spaces and roads quite quickly. The Cape CBD was alive with the sounds of anxious Beemers and adrenaline filled BeemerFans. 


We then headed onto the N1 freeway to Worcester and on arriving at the Worcester Mall for the regroup, the sight was breathtaking. I dont know how many Beemers there were but it was alot. 


Everyone parked and rejoiced after the drive before starting up again to head to the Worcester BMW dealership which was less than a kilometer from the mall.


At the dealership, the Worcester BMW team kindly arranged free coffee and koesisters for everone and also had the roads closed for us. There was a jumping castle setup for the little kiddies too. 


On this years' run we also paid tribute to the legendary E30 325iS (A south African only special production BMW model which turns 30 years old this year) . The 325iS is clearly the most popular and liked BMW by all, and not just BY BMW enthusiasts, but all car enthusiasts in SA. 


Thereafter a lucky draw was done with some prizes handed out courtesy of Worcester BMW and Economic Motor Spares Kuilsriver. 


The day ended at roughly around 2pm. 


The SABeemerTunnelRun 2020 will be an event that many wont forget. It brought together people from all ages, colour, provinces & cultures for the sake of pure enjoyment and nothing else. Each participant made the day happen. Each participant didnt just come to an event, they were a PART of the event. 


A special thanks goes out to Rabia @RB photography, Akeel Hassan videos, Worcester BMW, SoundMatch Cape Town, YMT Worcester, Digital Print Xpress Durban, Wheel Merchants KaapStad, my SABeemerCPT team of Riyaad, Naiem, Aasiem , Shabier & Khalid , IMO345 and his crew,  and plenty of others that need mentioning, that made this day happen. Not forgetting our OFFICIALS of the day.


A big heartfelt thank you to all of you. 


In closing, I would like to add from my side… it would be really good if we could get the support of the City of Cape Town.


Watch our social media platforms for next years date. #SABeemerTunnelRun 2021 around the same time (Middle of October). 


We will also be in KZN and Joburg very soon. 


In the meantime #staySafe #driveSafe #beResponsible #beConsiderate #SouthAfricans #BMWdrivers :) 









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