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Sarah Spin Bash Birthday Party

Posted on: 26 August 2013
Credit: SABeemer

Spinning a car is a fun thing for most guys, and it's a huge crowd pleaser as well. Some guys would spin their own cars now & then but the down side to that is obviously costly repairs and maintenance issues on their daily drives.


It has since become a weekend sport activity for those who are fortunate to have a "toy" to use and purposely set up for spinning and drifting. These "toys" are usually rear wheel drive cars that are stripped out to shed weight and in some cases, engine power is increased for more torque. 


I refer to it as a sport because i think that's where this activity is heading to, and any form of motorsport is of interest to us.


Guys are serious about it. They practice hard, work hard and are ever willing to grow the sport.


But is this engine roaring, tyre squealing, rubber smoking, steering-wheel guiding, adrenaline pumpin activity just a guy thing??

Certainly not.


We are at an event which was put together for the 18th birthday of Sarah. A fair, brown eyed, soft spoken and humble las who is an actual spinner. She's been doing it officially since she was 16 yrs old. She is the daughter of well-known spin exhibitionist SamSpeed.


We managed to get Sarah away from the bustle of engine setting and tyre changing to ask her a few questions:


How did the PVT1.6 name come about?

"It was given when I was invited by Speed and Sound for an event, and I was a part of the Private/Boot Camp. I was 16 at the time."


How long have you been spinning ?

" for the last 2 years"


What attracted you to the sport?

"I grew up around the sport, and was attracted to the adrenaline that one gets, I just love the sport!"


Who was your biggest influence?

"My dad, Shamiel (Sam)"


Why a BMW, and not a RWD Toyota or Datsun/Ford etc?

"The 6cyl of a Box BMs sound is unmatched, I love that sound, and it spins beautifully"


Favourite Beemer?

"E30 320i"

"My spin car is actually a 320, and I prefer the 2.0 motor to that of the 2.5litre"


Most embarrassing moment?

" I had just started spinning, and during one practice I had misjudged the corner leading me to climb 4 sets of truck tyres. When the car came to a halt it was nose up on 4 piled-up truck tyres"


Are there any future plans?

"I want to compete in the National Drifting Series Competition"


What advise can you give to other girls/ladies that want to get into this sport, or any of this sort?

"If you are passionate about something, then follow it through. Don’t give up. The support for up & coming is available and out there, you just have to source it."


Sarah adds "The industry is never too big enough. Females are capable of doing anything if one puts their mind to it"


So upon closure I ask Sarah “if I need anything else could I email you for info?”, and she politely tells me with an angelic smile “I don’t do emails, I’d rather spin cars”… We love ya Sarah. You go girl!


Videos will be uploaded soon....

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