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Technical - Tips on keeping your Turbos Sweet

Posted on: 24 January 2013
Credit: Tune Tech - Shaun Sing

Tips on Keeping Your Turbo Sweet


bmw turbo





1. Easy warm up - let the oil temperature regulate before you drive hard, keep an eye on the oil gauge as it goes up slowly and reaches an idle oil temp which will be after the water temp is normal.


2. Good clean oil, often


3. Don’t turn off a hot engine, idle for a minute or drive easy for the last couple of kilometres of a trip. You giving the turbo a chance to cool down before turning off the engine. Oil flows through it and keeps it cool..



The 335’s are also water cooled and the water pump stays on to cool down the turbo. Even so I would still wait a minute before cutting the engine especially if you let the turbo boost hard.


I do this with my 3lt turbo vehicle. When I fill diesel at the garage I keep the engine running.


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