Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans

Visiting BMW Munich

Posted on: 5 September 2019

Our honorable Cape Town official comrade visited the BMW Classic Workshop in the home town of the Bavarian Motor Works Company


Khalid Hassan, a prominent Salt River businessman and an avid BMW enthusiast, on holiday in Europe is currently in MTown itself - Munich.


He also visited the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt which are iconic tourist destinations in the heart of the German city. 


"The museum shows BMW's technical development throughout the company's history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and vehicles in a plethora of possible variations. In addition to actual models there are futuristic-looking, even conceptual studies from the past 20 years.

The use of headphones and clever, often indirect lighting, lend the exhibition a largely peaceful atmosphere. The emphasis is on technical development and benefits of modernity. The building blends in with the exhibition concept."


'The BMW Welt is a combined exhibition, delivery, adventure, museum and event venue, located next to the Olympic Park in the immediate vicinity of the BMW factory in Munich's district Am Riesenfeld. It was built from August 2003 to summer 2007.'


He sent us loads of pics of the exhibits 

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