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We visit #the357 Showroom & Workshop

Posted on: 27 May 2018


We’ve all seen the357 crew at our recent SABeemer RaceDay 2018 in the Western Cape.






Their presence was strongly felt due to the stylish manner in which they arrived in Cape Town.




They are a fairly new establishment but have years of industry experience amongst their passionate team, i just had to stop by their premises on my trip to Joburg to see what they’re about.

Located at 100 12th Ave, just off Rivonia Road in Sandton, the357 has a variety of products and services to offer to the man or woman who loves their cars.


Some of the professional services include :

Paint protection

Car Wash & Detailing centre

supply of car accessories, wheels as well as on-site fitment centre

Performance upgrades and tinting.

Although the brand name the357 doesnt really give away much in terms of labelling a service, it certainly does leave a lasting and enquiring impression on one when it is seen

I spoke to owner Rowen Singh about the choosing of the name and he tells that it was merely through a chat that the name came about. Rowen and his two partners Sanjay & Ryan could not find a suitable name for their new venture. They each then gave their favourite numbers which fell in line as you see it, and that really stuck. And judging by the way it is presented, they are truly proud of what it has lead to.



Rowen is no stranger to us as his E82 1M is a previous winner at our first ever BMW Day at The Glen Shopping centre (2013), which now takes place every year.




Sanjay, who was the service manager at Sandton Auto is also no stranger to us as he once arranged the entire Sandton Auto BMW Showroom floor for us to do a special feature a couple of years ago (


We take a walk through their workshop guided by their assistant Jocelyn,  and show you their setup. 



So if you ever want to give your car that special treatment, go visit the357, they are a humble group of guys with a very professional touch.








Since this video, the premises now also boasts an in-house cell-phone repair centre, a coffee and refreshments bar, a vape cafe and a gents barber salon is on the cards too.




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