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Wet roads cover Gauteng Province

Posted on: 14 March 2014
Credit: Shafiq Bawa






As I looked outside my window, the rain clashed onto it like a thousand little bullets all hitting my window at once.


Watching the raindrops trickle down my window, it reminded me of when I was younger and imagining  these sliding droplets were in a race down the windscreen,  and always hoping my chosen little raindrop would win.


The view out the window wasn't much to look at, mostly buildings and moving lights, visible only through beads of rain, moving as though they had to be somewhere 5 minutes ago. The noise of the rain hitting the car at all angles sounding like a drum roll, and combined with the wind which was whistling as loud as howling is possible- almost drowned out the sound of my car’s radio, not forgetting the different tone of hooters around me from frustrated road users who go into a rage, trying to get their space back from taxi drivers who just tucked in because, well, they think they can.


The smell of wet roads filled the air, as the heaters begin to kick into life bringing its comforting warmth to everyone.


The view of the road in front could only stay clear for a few seconds, despite the wipers working overtime to move the rain off the screen, and on to the road


I could tell this was going to be a long day as the skies roared above ...


But it wasn’t just a long day, it turned out to be a long week, as joburg was hit with a continuous rain fall since the beginning of March, and it isn’t over…


Going into the middle of March, the rain is still falling. Strange isn’t it. We haven’t had this much rain at this time of the year in 14 years. Ie.(since 2000)


Gauteng has been affected by this continuous rain resulting in potholes causing damage to a lot of vehicles, and some cases roads even collapsing.


Last week, we recorded around 35mm of rain for Saturday alone and a similar reading for Sunday. Pretoria recorded around 112mm of rain over two days.


More rain is forecasted in the coming weeks for Gauteng.


When will it subside? We don’t know. All we can do is drive cautiously, safely and be calm. After all you wouldn’t want that pothole to damage your 19inch now would you?



Safe driving,

Shafiq Bawa

Gauteng Correspondent












We didnt get any pics of the potholes, they were just too horrible Smile

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