Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans


Posted on: 3 February 2019

The F80M3 Competition is pretty much the best version of the M3 currently available. It has all the bells & whistles which make this compact sports saloon a most desirable car for many (myself included)


bmw m3

But when Zaahir got his Competition, he added his personal touch to this already awesome machine.


bmw m3



We have featured Zaahir before with his F30 320 so we do have an idea of his capabilities when it comes to personalising his cars. click here 


To start with, this M3 is in the BMW Individual San Marino Blue which Zaahir initially wanted but was told that SA didn’t get this colour. It was then learned a few months later that 5 had entered South Africa and was available for purchase. When Zaahir got this call, he immediately reserved it.


bmw m3



Seeing this colour in the flesh is amazing. It flips between a metallic blue and a purple and compliments the lines of this car very well.

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