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Zaheer Singh

Posted on: 12 July 2013
Credit: sabeemer - Photos by Allister Selinda

bmw e30 zaheer singh



Zaheer Singhs’ collection of Beemers consists of 4 of one particular range of BMWs – The E30.

In particular, all of them post 1990 or “plastic bumper” variants as we would refer to them. Two of this collection is the Sport Models which are highly sought after cars because of the appeal to the eye as well as the driver.


bmw e30 collection


 bmw e30 collection


bmw e30 collection


Before we get into detail of the vehicles, we asked Zaheer about his love for BMW vehicles and how it all came about



What does your history with BMW entail?

  • The 1st car I ever drove was my dads’ 325is, that was way back when I was 16. Ever since then I've been in love with the sheer driving pleasure of an e30.


How many BMWs have u had?, and what models were they?    

  • 7 in total over the past few years, of which 4 remain. 2 E36 M3's, German & SA spec ,   3  E30 325is's and 2 E30 325i's

What is your stand-out characteristic of any BMW? 

  • The sound of the exhaust once the branch and free flow is fitted.


How long have you had your BMWs’?


  • As long as 12 years



Getting onto the cars: -

The first is a 1990 325iS Evo1 Spec in Brilliant Red


BMW E30 325IS


 This 325iS has :

Aluminium Panels - Bonnet, Front wings (fenders), & doors.

bmw e30 325iS


Full Stainless Steel exhaust and branches installed by Powerflow Edenvale.

Stabilizer bars are installed up front. - A reason this is deemed necessary is because E30s are prone to tear in the front especially when power is increased, and also due to the age of these cars. We therefore suggest this as a must to any modified E30, or older generation BMW in fact, when mods are done, or if the car is being driven hard constantly.


bmw e30


zaheer singh 325is


bmw e30 325iS


Subsequent to this photo shoot, Zaheer has fitted 18” 3piece Split VXX Work wheels from the VS family at Domingos.


zaheer sing


Besides those subtle additions and changes, this car is pretty much standard. Clean example of a motoring legend.


His next car comes in the form of a 4 Door Astral Silver. 1990 325i.


bmw e30 325



Additions to this vehicle are:

Budler Motorsport Chip upgrade, 535i Airflow Meter,

Full Stainless Steel branch & exhaust by Powerflow Edenvale,

Limited slip Diff 

Wheels 18” Split,

Xenon Headlamps, Angel eye rings,

Interior -Light up Gearknob, AC Schnitzer pedals, AC Schnitzer Hand-break lever. Momo steering wheel. Chrome dial rings .

Stabilizer bar in frontbmw e30 325i


bmw e30 325i


The stripes on the car is a proper AC Schnitzer factory product actually designated for another model of BMW, but Zaheer makes it look at home on his E30.


bmw e30 schnitzer


bmw e30 325i



Moving onto his next 4 door ‘91 325i, custom painted in Ferrari Red, we realize that the first two cars were a bit mellow when compared to this one


bmw e30 325i


bmw e30 325i 4door


Mods and Additions to this car are:

The motor docks a knife-edge 2.8 crank (E36 328), standard 325 pistons, Twin Intake, 282 billet cam, Diktator management, Dry-Shot Nitrous,

Short Shift Gearbox.

Full Copper clutch

Limited Slip Diff

Stainless Steel branch & Exhaust

Stabilizer bars up front

bmw e30 325


Xenon Headlamps

Chrome dial rings, and Red needles

Wheels are original 17” 3piece split Rezax Work

Standard Sport seats

OEM MTech2 front apron and side skirts.

OEM Rubber and Plastic 2piece MTech bootfin

OEM Schnitzer Rear Apron


bmw e30 325

 This is one hot 325i for sure.



The best way to put Zaheers next and final car in this feature is by using Nandos as a metaphor.

The first car we listed is kind of on the Mild side, and then we came to Hot, and Extra Hot.

This Sapphire Black 325iS is beyond Extra-Hot. It’s more like the “Extra Extra Hot” variant of the Flame-Grilled Chicken-Sensation flavours.


bmw e30 325iS jps


Here's a list of mods done to the engine:

Arias Pistons, Standard  Cam, Standard 2.7 crank, Diktator Management, ARP Bolts, Cometic Racing Gasket, 2 x External Wallbro Fuel Pumps. Innovate Air Fuel Ratio Gauge, Autometer oil & boost gauges.

Turbonetics T3/4 Turbo. Electronic boost controller to regulate high and low boost. Low boost 0.8 & High Boost Electronic Water Meth injection.

Stabilizer bar in boot and front engine bay

Motor work done at Budler Motorsport.


zaheer singh


Exhaust is a 70mm system by TNT.

Diff is E36 M3 internals in an E30 casing, driven by an E36 328 Gearbox


zaheers singh 325is


Power figures at last run was 356kw on the wheels with 458nm of torque.

The car ran a best of 12.00s at Tarlton Raceway Drag Strip.


zaheer singh 325is


The standard MTech11 kit was retained albeit a set of E36 M3 splitters added.


Wheels are 17” BBS in Gold.


Interior: Full suede Recaro bucket seat.  Isotta Meg2 Steering Wheel.

Carbon Fibre Cluster background with chrome rings.


Angel Eye & Xenon Headlamps as well as  Xenons in the fogs.


zaheer singh


This car is dressed in a very unique but appealing JPS label. It’s not sponsored by JPS at all, but Zaheer was just replicating the JPS Racing colours as was done on E30 M3 in the Australia Touring car racing back in the 80s. To me it looks fabulous.


So we asked Zaheer if he would ever sell any of the vehicles?

“Currently none for sale, but at the right price I believe anything is for sale”

Zaheer's thanks goes as follows:

“First of all, I thank the Almighty for blessing me and keeping me safe in all the vehicles. My dear family, Budler Motor Sport, and Bakr Motor Works for maintenance on the vehicles. Domingos for the Work Wheels, Powerflow Edenvale for the Exhaust systems.

And lastly,  Thank you BMW for creating these wonderful machines.” Smile











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