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SABeemer Tunnel Run 2023

Posted on: 23 September 2023


It is once again the end of the winter in the Western Cape , and what more beautiful way to celebrate the end of a long cold wet season that we have experienced in Cape Town in 2023, than a beautiful drive out with Beemer lovers from all over the country.  


Join us as we meet in Cape Town for a coffee stop on the corner of Hertzog Boulevard and Christiaan Barnard Str on the foreshore of the Cape Town CBD at 9am on the morning of the 8th October 2023. 

The parking area is the same one that we used last year, where the cops arrived and cordoned off the area, but this was just because of two or 3 guys that were spinning in the middle of the road. This year, the cops will be present as well so make sure you comply with the general rules of the road, leave your number plates on and make sure your vehicle is roadworthy etc.

bmw tunnel run

 We will then leave the city of Cape Town at 10am towards the N1 freeway

Participation in this social gathering/drive is purely at own risk. Each individual will be responsible for their own action/s.

We have applied to the city to have cops present at the cbd parking area till we leave. 

Unruly behaviour will result in immediate arrests. We would like to have a safe family friendly environment, whereby parents are not afraid to bring their kids and have a felling of peace the no idiot will be doing anything dangerous or potentially harmful to the public around them 

Please note the drive is not a race and no speeding will be tolerated. 


We will then regroup at the KFC/McDs for lunch outside the Worcester Mall, and then drive back to Cape Town at own leisure. 







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