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Posted on: 12 August 2023

After quite a long search which spanned over a couple of years and lots of flights to Durban, we finally found a suitable venue to host a BMW Day in the KZN area.


bmw ushaka


The uSHAKA Family Marine & Entertainment World was the ideal setting for a family friendly day for our Beemer folk in the Ethekwini region.


The event was received very well by the KZN BMW passionites, and we were extremely excited and looking forward to this day. 


bmw exhibition


ushaka sabeemer


In order to show my commitment, my gratitude and excitement to share the BMW passion with the KZN community, i decided to have my E60M5 brought up from Cape Town to be a part of the exhibition. As I couldn't just be asking these guys to bring their cars out and i dont have mine there.


Earlier in the week i was browsing the flight websites for airplane tickets from cpt and found the airline pricing a bit steep,
So i decided to avoid the usual frustration of the airline tickets, and the check-in queues, and the procedures at the airport, and waiting to board the airplane - and more waiting to take off - and then waiting to land and then waiting for baggage to come and then walking a mile to the transport etc... which i didnt have the feels for. 

I then decided to sort out the alignment of the E60, pack the M5 till the brim with gazebos and stock and luggage. and drive down to Durban through the night from Cape Town. 


bmw ushaka 

(btw - this was the exact same thing we did 2 years ago albeit with a 1989 E32 735i - CPT to DBN.)


With some very clean and good looking Beemers coming out to partake in the BMW Exhibition from old classics till the newer G-series,


ushaka bmw sabeemer


Gas Addicts and Kings Kustoms arranged some sought after E36 Ms amongst other Beemers, and were also the official judges on the day.


bmw ushaka sabeemer


bmw ushaka sabeemer

ICON Motorsport had a variety of newer M cars showcasing their products and services.










LUXURY FRAGRANCES - who were also one of our sponsors for the day - brought their amazingly modified M2 all the way from Jhb. 


Metesh also drove all the way from Kimberley with his F30 340i. 


sabeemer ushaka


bmw ushaka


Thank to our other sponsors for the day 

Digital Print Xpress Umhlanga 

Trophy Warehouse 

Zoras Wholesalers 

GRM Classic Car Insurance 

and also a huge thank you to uShaka Marine World for allowing us to exhibit on their grounds. 


To all the supporters that came out and took part and adhered to our family friendly environment rules.. A huge thank you . 


Show & Shine Winners of the day 

Jishe for best Factory E46 with his 2002 330i INDIVIDUAL

Vashan for best E36 M3 on the day with his 1998 M3 EVO 3.2

Trrishen for best STANCE AIR category with this 2018 M2 

Mags Govender for best Factory E36 with his 1998 Motorsport 

Ravi won the Best E30 category with 1984 Hennna Red Coupe

Thasveer for Best E9x M with his immaculate 2012 E92 

Thufayl for best F30 which was actually the toughest class of the day 

Nikael won best 7 series with very neat 1991 E32 735i 

Wardha won the best Female category with her F30 

Rodrigo won best Modified ride with his insane M2 

Sumeeth won best E46 M for his super clean M3 CONVERTIBLE 

Nandha won best M of the day with 2000 M Coupe G series M 

Shiraz won the best 1 series category 

Adrian Brown took the trophy for best Old School with this 1979 E24 635csi

Marcel Rajah took the prize for best Classic BMW with his 1968 2002

The best rare limited numbers ///M car of the day went to Junaid for his stunning black 1M 

Mahen won the best 325iS of the day 

Yashiv won best modified E30 

Preshen won the best stance E36 of the day 

and lastly Aditi won for best out of town supported coming all the way from Kimberley 






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