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Posted on: 19 December 2020

Altus Booysen  is a passionate free-lance photographer.


He sent us amazing pics of this stunning E24 635csi that he captured recently. 


bmw e24


I remember seeing this same 6'er at one of our early BMWFests at Killarney Cape Town (2010 or 2011 ) and immediately appreciated the beauty and originality of this well kept BMW classic.  Seeing images of this car now again makes me glad that this gem is still being well looked after by the same owner. 


 BMW 635


I have always been a huge fan of the E24 6series. My first experience with one was as a child and a family member had bought a lovely Metallic Burgundy Red 635csi in the 80s. Since then the E24 6series is one of my all time favourite Beemers . It has looks, it has class and is a proper tourer. 


A distinct feature which stood out for me were those rear bucket seats. Its just way cool and gives the vehicle a classy character, different to normal boring cars.  I believe these rear bucket seats were from the E24 6'ers predecessor - the E9.




As a purist i do prefer that wheels (especially on a car like this) remain standard as stock supplied - but the 17" Alpina 20-spoke with the dish is the best compliment this car could get.  Alpina is a big part of the OEM BMW history and these wheels are so rare and desirable these days especially the 17s - so it is a huge plus factor for me this. It takes the car up to 110%




The E24 6series is a huge success story for BMW. It complimented their position in the upper class vehicle catergory, and in that, actually creating its own class - mixing luxury with performance in a perfect balance. 


I guess the rear buckets seats are a telltale sign of that strict balance that the engineers wanted to keep in the E24 - ie - Only two people allowed at the back - not any more or else the balance would be out. 


In 1983 (here in SA/ZA) the 635csi was the most expensive of the BMW cars on offer at a list price of R65000.00. It had the signature three and half litre straight 6 motor whereas its competitiors such as the Merc SEC and Porsche 928 used V8s in their cars. But the BMW was much much sportier (and faster) than the Merc and much cheaper and sexier than the Porsche. 



bmw 635


 Enjoy some more images of this beauty captured through the eye of Altus Booysen.



bmw 635


bmw 635


bmw 635


bmw 635


bmw 635






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