Showcasing South African BMWs and its passionate fans


Posted on: 23 July 2019

So the local South African social internet is all abuzz with the arrival of an E30M3 imported from Japan.




The E30M3, built from 1986 to 1992, is now a very sought-after classic car the world over. The E30M3 is popular with the BMW community as the unicorn of BMW cars and its successes in the Touring Car Championships makes it a collectable car to wealthy Car Collectors.


As we know – the E30M3 was not on sale in South Africa due to its left-hand-drive-only production but alas some of them did make its way onto the shores of South Africa, with most of them landing up in Joburg.




The cars below are that which I personally know of in South Africa at present, and some that I have seen.


  1. This first one I saw was at Randburg Motorlink back in the early 2000s. This car has changed quite a few hands over its illustrious past but it still resides locked up in the South of Joburg till today.

Here it is when it was owned by Shaun Sing of Tune-Tech.




2. The next one is probably the most well-known amongst us local enthusiasts – ‘the silver one with the wrong wheels’ belonging to Uncle Jack


bmw m3


3. Another popular one that we know of belongs to Speedy Car Sales in Klerksdorp and was raced in the GroupN series in the late 80s/early 90s.



click here for the full feature on Speedy Car Sales E30M3


4. A convertible which I saw at a BMW run in 2003.




5. This one brought in from Dubai, and was converted to right hand drive by AbuDhabi Motors. 


bmw e30m3


6. This convertible is in Pietermaritzburg





7. This one belonging to Mr L






8. and the latest one to come onto our shores


bmw power



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