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Posted on: 17 November 2023
Introducing Tariq Moosa, affectionately known as "Chip," a true car enthusiast hailing from a small town called Laudium on the outskirts of Pretoria.
From a tender age, Chip's passion for cars has been nothing short of remarkable, shaping a passion that would become an integral part of his identity.
Join us as we dwelve into the world of this car-fanatic exploring his fascinating journey with cars that has led him to the UK. 
If you are not aware of Tariq's latest achievement, you should recheck your social media newsfeed as you are clearly not picking up the correct news. 
About 3 months ago, Tariq took it upon himself to showcase his talent, and work, across our borders and seas, as a representation of the entire South African car-culture. 
bmw e9
The Gravity Car Show is an automotive stance exhibition hosted by SlammedUK, which takes place in England once a year. This automotive event displays the best stance cars from the UK, and all around Europe. 
Cars are handpicked and invited by the organisers, making the entry to exhibit a vehicle at the Gravity Show very exclusive. About 6000 aopplications are received but only 600 are chosen to be a part of it. 
Tariq was following and chatting to the Gravity guys for a while, and voiced his desire to be a part of Gravity, by attending the show with his own car.
He was then invited by them and accepted the invitation with open arms  - not realising the huge task ahead, and all the effort required from that day forward, even though he has been doing this for the past 16 years. 
Upon getting accepted, Tariq needed to decide which car of his collection he would prepare and take over to the UK. 
Tariq made it a point to weave the vibrant tapestry of South Africa and his dedicated supporters into the fabric of his latest automotive endeavor. A testament to his inclusive spirit,
Tariq invited viewers to actively participate in the project by casting their votes via his engaging YouTube channel.
The choice was between four iconic BMWs: the E30 Pillarless (better known as Celeb), the timeless BMW 325iS, affectionately known as "The Barn Find," the sleek E24 635, and the classic BMW E9. This interactive voting process not only added an exciting layer of community involvement to the project but also reflected Tariq's commitment to sharing his passion for cars with enthusiasts around the globe.
The E9 was the outright winner amongst the South African people, and clearly the best choice for this world stage exhibition. 
bmw e9
bmw e9
Tariq bought this left hand drive E9 in 2023 and had to actually sell a few other cars to purchase this one. The E9 has always been a dream car to own for Chip. 
This E9 was bought as a completely stock standard and original driving specimen, with a lot of supporting documents highlighting this E9's past journeys and stories. 
bmw e9
bmw e9
The prep work to get this E9 ready for the show included a full blowover respray, a complete strip and recover of the interior, a new air suspension setup, and new wheels. 
With a deadine of just 5 weeks for this process, Tariq and his team worked overtime and sacrificed off-days to complete the transformation and make the shipping containers on time. Being the hard working Gautenger that Tariq is, he and his team pushed and did what needed to be done to meet the deadline and get the car to the England. 
The list of mods done on the E9 are  : 
The M30 2.8L straight 6 motor has been kept stock with some engine bits chromed. 
bmw e9
An aftermarket front spoiler was fitted 
bmw e9 chicanos
An E3 grille with E30 smiley headlights were fitted as well as brand new OEM indicator lenses and fender grilles 
The E9 was resprayed in a burgundy pearl colour which was a custom mix by the Chicanos team 
bmw e9
The original bbs wheels were stepped up to 17 inch with a 7j setup in the front and 7.5j on the rears 
bmw e9 chicano
bmw e9 chicanos
On the interior we find an ALPINA steering wheel retriimed together with the rest of the interior.
Covered in Picadilly cognac leather and suede. 
bmw e9 bmw e9 bmw e9  
bmw e9 
All the wooden trims were hydro-dipped in a dark walnut finish. 
The air ride system is an Airlux Wireless kit with a dual compressor setup. 
The special custom boot setup was also done by Chicanos themselves. 
bmw e9 chicanos
Tariq is a maestro in granting his car distinct identities and found himself immersed in the process of naming his latest creation—the remarkable E9. In the cozy ambiance of his workshop one evening, surrounded by a circle of close friends, the task of choosing the perfect name unfolded. Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, a suggestion emerged that resonated with the vision for the car. As one of his friends playfully remarked that the E9 would venture to the UK and "take the competition out," the name "Nkabi" was born. Rooted in Zulu, Nkabi translates to "hitman," encapsulating the fierce spirit and competitive edge that Tariq envisioned for his meticulously crafted masterpiece. 
With the car about 95 percent complete, Tariq was forced to leave a few small details to be done at the shipping yard while waiting for the loading process. He also had to complete some stuff in the UK. 
Tariq was amazed at the level of professionilsm and hospitalty that he received from the UK car community. 
A special mention of appreciation and thank you goes to these follwing business and passionate car enthusiasts in the UK from Tariq - that allowed him and Nkabi to be well looked after and sorted for the big show. 
The sponsors from South Africa who made this trip possible include :
Vees Auto Pipes - Plasmagraphix - CR Global Logistics - HiTech Mag Repairs - Airlux_Suspension_Africa - DiscIt SA 
The narrative of Nkabi's triumph extends beyond Tariq Moosa's workshop, as Slammed UK hosted an electrifying online poll on Instagram. Followers were granted the power to cast their votes for the most exceptional car, and the results echoed the craftsmanship of Nkabi. Remarkably, Nkabi secured victory in every single round, earning resounding scores, consistently exceeding 80%. This outstanding achievement not only solidified Nkabi's status as a crowd favorite but also positioned it with well-deserved prominence on the main podium.
bmw e9
The resounding success in the Slammed UK poll is a testament to the artistry and allure that Tariq brings to the world of cars.
The Hitman went over, and did its job quite well, and in the process getting some painful yet rewarding scars over the 13000+ km journey from Johannesburg to Birmingham, and then back again.  The front spoiler got scracked with loading and off-loading Nkabi onto the flatbed tow lorries. A wheel rim got scratched too in the process , a water pipe burst, and the cars paint reacted while inside the container due to moisture. But through all these hardships and stress, the end result was well worth it. 
As South Africans we are proud of Tariq and his team at Chicanos Customs for committing to undertake such a task, since they have never done soething on this scale before (prepping and sending a car overseas for a competition) It shows commitment, dedication and also highlights South Africas' talent to the rest of the world. 
Tariq's motto has always been "If you enjoy what you do, you wont have to work a day in your life"
Nkabi will be on display for the public at Chicanos HQ this Sunday 19 NOV 2023.
Check out Chicanos Customs Youtube channel for th entire process of the build and trip to the UK.
 Chips' work history 
Tariqs' journey into the world of cars commenced at the tender age of 16, where his love for cars manifested into the art of installing sound systems. 
Tariq was chosen among five matricUlants from Laudium to embark on an apprenticeship at Nissan. 
Even during his tenure at Nissan , Tariq remained true to his roots, seamlessly integrating his love for sound installations into the automotive landscape. 
Such was Tariq's dedication that he could be found on the pavements of Marabastad, a township, fitting sound system into taxis, showcasing a hands-on commitment that defined his early career. 
After a stint at two sound shops, Tariq ventured to open his own establishment in 2007. Unfortunately, an unfortunate break-in forced the closure of his business, prompting a brief departure into the corporate realm, where Tariq achieved remarkable success over seven years.
Throughout his corporate tenure, Tariq's passion for cars persisted, as he continued to pursue his love for automotive craftsmanship in the sanctuary of his garage at home after hours and on weekends. The space constraints eventually led Tariq to a pivotal decision—to fully immerse himself in the car realm once again. This marked the renaissance of Tariq's profound journey, where his indomitable spirit and love for cars converged, propelling him back into the vibrant world he holds dear.
chip moosa
Tariq setup his sewing machine in his garage at home, sewing customers seats after hours. 
He also did CelebGPs interior in his garage
Now we take a look at CHIP MOOSA - THE BMW PASSIONISTA and his history with the BMW brand of motor cars over the years
Q - What is your BMW memory or highlight, and what started your passion for the brand ? 
A - "Growing up, we could never afford a BMW. If anyone owned a BMW at that time, it would be regarded as a symbol of success. Also growing up in Laudium, many of the cooler elders had BMW cars, and those nice ones too - like the E36 M3s, E30 325iS' etc. - I always told myself that one day i would own a BMW. I now have, with the help of the Almighty - a few BMWs in my collection. (I wont say the number but it is quite a few) . 
My late dad also had an E12 518i which i have fond memories of. 
Tariq's first BMW was an E46 wagon which he purchased in 2009, and kitted it with 19" CSL wheels and a drop. 
bmw sa
His favourite BMW in his personal collection is 'CelebGP', a 1985 E30 Full Cabrio which is fully customised and deserves its own special feature on our pages.  
bmw chicanos
Tariqs' favourite BMW which would be the ultimate one to own one day is the E30M3. It is a dream unicorn for CHIP. We do wish for his dream to come true.  
Tariqs' first E12  
 Tariqs first E12
Here are pics of some other Beemers that Chip has owned over the years. 
chip moosa
chicanos customs
chip moosa
bmw chip moosa
bmw chip moosa
chip moosa

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